March 16, 2012

Candy Labels

I originally created these for our wedding (April 21) figuring I would find some use for them, but I am still unsure if I will use them. I used MTC to create our monogram on a rounded square card. It measures 5" W x 5.5" H. I knew that we were doing a candy bar so I added them to my printer and printed the different candy names on each of them. I am just not certain I like them.

Any input, should I keep them or pitch them... add something to them perhaps? Suggestions welcome!

March 01, 2012

Wedding Banner

Well I am trying to update this as I can... now that I am into prime-time crafting, decorating mode for the wedding. Just over 7 weeks to go! AND, I picked up my dress today! Yes!

So I used Make the Cut for this project not only because of its flexibility to cut just about everything, but I wanted to incorporate a specific font that we used on our invitations (as I have been doing for a lot of wedding crafts lately). The banner I wanted to create will be used as a decoration for our candy bar that we are having.

To start, I used a simple triangle that I manipulated to be the length and size that I wanted, and by joining 4 of them together. Below is a photo of the image:

I then used the font we used on invites: LD Soccer Mom (...I know, the names they come up with...LOL...) to spell out LOVE IS SWEET with a shadow layer. Well I haven't officially assembled all of the pieces, but rather have placed them as I want to. I am really excited and happy with the result. Here is what it will resemble when its completed. I will post photos of it in use later!

I cannot wait to use this at my wedding!

Thanks for stopping by!